Gem International School offers a diverse spectrum of extra curricular activities to promote self study skills and enhance students linguistic, mathematical, scientific, logical, artistic, creative, physical and social skills. These activities take place after obligatory classes. Activities vary from year to year and term to term. Information is given to all parents at the beginning of each term. This year we have offered:

Swimmimg or water sports is a major route to healthier lifestyle. Our students, both boys and girls are given regular swimming lessons as a part of Co-Curricular Activities, which improves the mental development and is a major factor that contributes towards physique maintenance.

Dance and Music are integral to the curriculum developed by the school, hence dedicated teachers are allocated to guide the children through the nuances of dance and music. The facility provides an intimate venue for students to showcase their talents in this particular field and is well furnished with various musical instruments and proper audio facilities.

While science is related to intellect, art highlights emotions and creativity, providing a medium of expression for the children. Our Art and Craft facility inculcates the appreciation of creativity and imagination within the students.

Gem International school provides excellent indoor and outdoor play facilities for all. The toddler’s playground area includes swings and slides and various other structures to improve co-ordination skills and overall health improvement. The outdoor equipment for seniors consists of a multi-play, multi-activity set-up designed for thrill and adventure. Dedicated volley ball court, running track and a football ground encourages team sports within the students.

Physical fitness and mental development go hand in hand. The school has a fully equipped indoor games room with facilities for Billiards, Carom, Chess and other indoor games, where all these games are played in a competitive manner and compatible atmosphere.

The school provides training in karate wchich is an oldest form of martial arts to the students. This self-defense will help them to be fit and it would also impart a self-defence skill in times of crisis.